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INSIDR is a friendly start-up based in Paris which has an aim to give the best possible travel experience for travelers.

Moulin rouge
Le Moulin Rouge

People said traveling is the best way to find yourself and get a priceless experience. Well, that may be true, but traveling to another country could be challenging. We should have prepared a lot of things, read some recommendations here and there as much as we could…. That’s all true! We should prepare ourselves as much as we could. My friends at INSIDR just gave me even more useful information for the next travel destinations. INSIDR is a friendly start-up based in Paris which has an aim to give the best possible travel experience for travelers. I will share some of the most fascinating stories that I’ve got from them. 

Paris is one of the most visited cities in the world. Millions of tourist from every corner of the world came to Paris each year. From the most obvious tourist attractions like the Eiffel Tower or the Louvre to some of the hidden gems in small streets inside Paris, you will always find something interesting based on your interests. Cocktail bars, rooftop bars, or a simple stroll at the park in a sunny afternoon, there is always a reason to visit Paris and come back again.

Boulangerie paris
Boulangerie Parisienne

Not only in Amsterdam, the Red Light District in Paris is also a notable place that you should see. When it comes to food, of course, France is well-known for this. All the best pastries and sweets like macarons, you can find all the best ones in Paris. But not only pastries and typical French foods, but you can also find amazing street food in Paris.

As the capital of fashion in the world, you just have to go around the city and do some shopping. You can find some practical information about shopping in Paris. INSIDR also has the most important shopping hacks in Paris that you can do to make your shopping experience better and easier. If you are looking for local brands or small boutiques, go around Le Marais and find a lot of great shops there. Bring this Le Marais Paris map with you so you can find the best-hidden spot in the area, more than just a simple shopping trip! 

Le Marais
Le Marais


Try all the best French delicacy that you can find in Paris. You can get all the best truffles, escargot, and oysters here. Experience the wonder of the world of pastries in Paris which goes beyond croissants. Of course, you can find the best croissants here, and there are just a lot more to try, like macarons. Find all of these best macarons in Paris, and even if you’re not satisfied by just trying this little sweet goodness, you can try to learn to make it by joining a macaron class. This will be a very interesting experience! And don’t forget the chocolates! Hunt for these places of the best chocolate in Paris and you will get to try chocolates that were just different from any other chocolates.

Before leaving France, for sure you will have to taste the original French wine. If you don’t have time to visit the wine regions like Bordeaux or Bourgogne, don’t worry; you can still get the best experience in Paris! You can do wine tasting in Paris, and this will be a very interesting story to tell. After that, you can visit one of these best wine shops in Paris and get a bottle or two, either enjoy by yourself or as a souvenir for your loved ones. Other than that, there are also several independent wine stores in Paris, and this will be a very original and authentic souvenir to bring back home! 

wine store Paris
Wine Store


If you feel like you have explored Paris enough, you can go a little bit to the north of France and you will be in the Normandy region. Here, you can visit the historical site of D-day Beaches, the magnificent view of Etretat, and you can try a lot of authentic Norman delicacy. You can do a day trip from Paris, or you can stay in one of the charming small towns in Normandy, like Bayeux or Deauville. If you still have time, you should go to Giverny and visit Monet house and garden; those were beautiful places that will be totally worth it to visit. Take a look at this Giverny France map so you will know what you have to look for.








Photo Tour Eiffel : Jean Marc Lebeaupin
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